UT30 - Unmanned Turrets

Combat-proven firepower for armored personnel carriers, fully overhead without compromising troop safety  23 Март 2015, 13:30

Key Features

The available features of the UT-30 can be tailored to specific requirements 
Armaments: Cannon (25 or 30 mm), coaxial machine gun 
(7.62 mm) and all types of guided anti-tank missiles.

Advanced fire control system: Automatic target tracking, ballistic computer, sensors and displays as well a dual-axis stabilized gunner’s sight including laser range finders, day cameras and thermal cameras.

Ballistic Armor Protection: Customizable armor protection for different parts of the turret (STANAG 4569 Level 2, 3 or 4).

Protection systems: Smoke grenade launchers, laser warning systems.

Cost-effective maintenance: The modular design is combined with a built-in test and a folding mechanism to protect the system during transportation.
The UT30 is fully compliant with all relevant environmental MIL standards.

Embedded training: The UT30 allows training within the vehicle.
The crew can be presented with realistic scenarios and is able to perform
normal in response to simulated inputs. In use by armed forces around the
world (NATO and others), the configurable range of UT30’s is adaptable to a
wide variety of vehicles and requirements.